7 Tips To Get Rid Of Cystic Acne At Home Naturally

Published: 21st October 2010
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Cystic acne is an advanced form of acne, The pimples in this case will give you so much pain as the swelling is bacteria-laden mixed with dead skin cells and white blood cells. This type of acne almost always leaves a scar on the affected area. The scar usually takes a long time to heal and at times can leave pits and permanent marks on the skin. This is the reason why you need to find a way to treat cystic acne.

1. Apricot Juice: the juice of apricots contains a natural acid that can penetrate the cysts caused by acne and eliminate the bacteria that can lead to inflammation and scars. This makes apricot juice an excellent home remedy that is however more effective for the prevention rather than the treatment of scars.

2. of castor oil on the skin that is affected with acne cysts, and massage it in deeply for two minutes. Place a hot, steaming washcloth onto the skin and allow the steam to open up the pores and release the oils and impurities. Once the cloth cools, wipe off the oil with the washcloth. Repeat this process twice a day; once in the morning and again in the evening.

3. We should avoid junk food, chocolate and those that contain heavy amount of sugar and starch. Also, we have to take lots and lots of water, fresh fruits, vegetables and if required vitamin supplements like B, B6, Zinc.

4. Another natural acne treatment is use substances such as tea tree oil. This substance has been proven to help minimize the infection of the acne. With continuous usage of this substance, one can totally eliminated cystic acne without leaving any traces or scars. Cystic acne treatment with the use of tea tree oil is done applying the substance with a cotton ball to the infected area. Just like the lemon juice you can leave this on your face until the morning and then wash off.

5. Camellia Seed Oil: it is a natural moisturizer, which can plump the skin and gradually eliminate scars. Of course this effect may take up to 1 year, so it is not actually a quick fix. What is more, you need to keep in mind that camellia oil should not be used by people who suffer from acne, because it can cause breakouts. So, it would be a good idea to use this home remedy if your acne has already been cured and you just want to get rid of the scars.

6. Exercise is another natural treatment which protects us from all kinds of diseases. Some forms of exercises help balance and reduce the stress level in our body. We can try a variety of exercises, it is not always to visit the gym, you can try jogging, swimming, skipping, dancing, rowing, cycling, aerobics; infact they are endless. You should never exercise with a full stomach.

7. Baking soda also kills acne-causing bacteria, helping to not only remove dead skin cells, but to prevent new acne from forming under the skin. you can make a paste by mixing 1 teaspoon of baking soda with 2 teaspoons of water and give your skin a microdermabrasion treatment. This way you will get rid of dead cells and get a much smoother skin.

Author is an online medical researcher on acne treatment and skin care. Click read more on natural acne treatment, mild acne scarring.

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