7 Natural Tips To Regrow New Hair

Published: 12th October 2010
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Beautiful and healthy hair not just make one's face look attractive but also have a huge impact on his or her entire personality. So, the problem of thinning hair or receding hairline or bald patches on a particular area of the scalp can badly dent one's self image. Most hair loss is not caused by genetics. Most hair loss results from the hair follicle being blocked cutting its supply of oxygen or blood supply. This is vital to the nourishment and growth of a healthy head of hair. The hair follicle is essentially being starved or suffocated. If you discover and correct the reason for the blockage, your hair will stop falling out and may even grow back.

1. You can use natural herbs to regrow your hair. Saw Palmetto Extract is one of the most powerful hair regrowth herbs. Other herbs are Nettle Root Extract is rich in Vitamins A and C and promotes growth of hair, Ginkgo Biloba increases blood flow to the hair follicles helping them become better.

2. The most valuable home remedy for hair loss is using seeds of lime and black pepper. Ground it together and then make it into fine paste. Use this paste as an application on the patches. This might irritate but simultaneously it stimulates the hair growth and promotes the hair follicles to grow firm hairs.

3. One of these simple techniques is to rub olive oil down into your hair before retiring for bed at night. Make sure to leave it on overnight and then wash it out with gentle shampoo in the morning. Do this for 8 nights. This will kill any bacteria and dissolve any built up sebum, which is oil produced by the scalp, allowing your hair follicles to become unblocked.

4. Dirt and debris on the scalp surface often blocks skin pores on the scalp and is responsible for slowing down of the hair growth process. The best way to regrow hair naturally is by cleansing the scalp regularly with a good quality organic shampoo. Those shampoos that have aloe vera and mint are suitable for growth of healthy hair fast.

5. Intake of different vitamins or by eating the right foods rich in vitamins nourishes the hair. People who do not get sufficient vitamins in their diets should take a regular vitamin and mineral supplement. Improving your diet is the easiest way to stimulate scalp hair regrowth. Vitamin B is the best vitamin for hair growth. Minerals like iron and magnesium are equally important for healthy hair.

6. Another useful hair loss treatment is using the paste of liquorice. It can be made by grinding the liquorice pieces in the milk with a pinch of saffron. The paste should be applied over the bald patches at night before retiring to the bed. This works wonderfully for treating alopecia condition.

7. A good massage of the scalp promotes blood circulation in the area and thus more nutrients are supplied to the hair roots. Moreover, the dead skin cells that block the scalp pores are eliminated. Thus, the rate of hair growth increases. Move the tips of your fingers all over the scalp in gentle circular motions for at least five minutes daily.

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